VDB Clouds Volume 3 - Cumulonimbus

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TOTAL PACK CLOUDS count is 24 now !!!

Dear All,

I am very excited to share with you Clouds Volume 3 - Cumulonimbus.This is a special pack containing 24 cumulonimbus clouds assets.I call them HeroClouds :) 

Initially the pack was having only 12 assets.After I released this pack, I was still playing with the assets and I was building additional 12 clouds from cloud_v061 to cloud_v072. Independent if the price will change or not (not sure yet), I taught it would be nice to share those 12 additional awesome clouds with you for the same price.You can download them right after purchase.It means that this pack is having now 24 cumulonimbus clouds assets.

Please check as well the complete interview on 80 LEVEL.

Additional info,this pack is part of VDB Clouds MEGA BUNDLE 3 in 1 (Vol.1,Vol.2,Vol.3)

Clouds Volume 3 is a high quality clouds assets collection (VDB format - 3D) which can be used in any app or renderer which support this type of format.The collection includes 24 clouds which can be seen in the presentation zip (clouds_volume_003_renders.zip file attached - last 12 clouds are available only in 1 page preview).Numbering of the assets starts from 049 to 072 as this pack is a continuation of Clouds Volume 1 and Clouds Volume 2.

What is also very important to mention is that each cloud can be used from lots of perspectives and will give the impression that is a separate cloud.The reason for this is that each vdb clouds is built from multiple segments which are giving the final cloud an unique look (see viewport captures in the description).

The pack contains progressive resolutions :0.02,0.03,0.05,0.10 in terms of voxel size.You can choose whatever you like based on needs.

Additionally, in the pack are included HD renders for each cloud so you can preview easily (thumbnail) before adding in your main scene(except last 12 clouds which are available only in 1 page preview).The assets from this pack can be used for close ups but also for background clouds.

In case you need additional information please let me know.

I sell this file under royalty-free license which grants you (the user) the right to make use of the products for personal, educational or commercial purposes.You may not resell, redistribute, modify or repackage the assets contained in this package.This license grants only one person access to the product.

Digital products are not refundable.

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VDB Clouds Volume 3 - Cumulonimbus

5 ratings
I want this!